Getting to a Chiropractor As Soon As Back Pain Starts Helps It Go Away Even Faster

We did one of those road cleanup things as a family. We volunteer to do that around our neighborhood. The rest of our group had made sticks with a nail in the end that the head was cut off and sharpened to pick up papers and things without bending over. I have one for cleanup projects, but I left it at home. I figured I would be okay bending and reaching all day. Well, it caused me to need to see a Sacramento chiropractor the next day. By evening my back was hurting, and by the next morning it was really aching and burning.

I had a hard time sitting down and standing up. I was making all kinds of groaning noises like I was a really old man. Our teenage daughter suggested I go see the chiropractor whose office we pass just about every day when we are going to different places around town. I gave them a call and they could see me right away. That was impressive. It was my day off, and I wanted to be free of the pain before work. I went in and did my slow descent into the chair because of the pain. When I was called back, it took me a moment to get up, and then I was hobbling a few steps before I could get moving good. It was embarrassing.

The doctor told me that I did good by coming in when I did. He said that leaving it go just irritates the nerves in your back even more, and that takes longer to heal. I had a combination of muscle fatigue and nerve impingement. The chiropractic adjustment pretty much took away the nerve pain on that first visit. The muscle pain was mild by comparison, and a deep tissue massage helped it heal a lot faster. I went for three visits and feel better now than i did before my back started to hurt like it did.