It Made Sense to Do Something About What Was Hurting Me

I never paid much attention to the office of some Round Rock chiropractors that I have walked or driven past for the last couple of years near my home. I don’t pay attention to a lot of things when I’m commuting for that matter. When I’m out walking, I like to focus and think about my week ahead, my family and other things that I need to pay attention to. When I’m driving, I simply like to keep my eyes on the road. But when I went through a year-long bout of major pain due to a sports injury, I finally noticed the chiropractic office on one of my worst days on my way to work.

I really like to play basketball and touch footballs with my guy friends after work. We can get pretty rough at times, which was no big deal when I was much younger. But as I’ve grown older, I have realized that I am a bit more fragile, as much as I hate admitting that to anyone or myself. I come home with a lot of aches and pains now after a game that I didn’t have when I was younger. It also takes me longer to feel better now, too. And then, I suppose that a lot of years of being banged around often simply took a tole on my back, too.

No matter how my back injury happened, it was infuriating to not be able to participate in sports with my friends this past year. It was also infuriating to lay around flat on my back instead of getting things done, too. I can’t take time off of work easily, so I often had to go each day and suffer through the pain. One really painful day, I was silently cursing to myself about needing to go to work in such pain. That was when I suddenly noticed the chiropractor’s office. That same day, I made an appointment during my lunch break.